The Eagle Cap Extreme is a 100 mile eight dog team race and a 200 mile twelve dog team race that, among other things, acts as an official qualifier for both the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest races.

The ECX team provides a premier sporting event for mushers and their teams through some of the most scenic and rugged country in the US. The race runs through the 'Hells Canyon National Recreation Area' and Wallowa-Whitman National Forest adjacent to the Eagle Cap Wilderness.

Race Dates: January 21-24, 2015 200 Mile - 12 Dog Race (Iditarod & Yukon Quest Qualifier) 100 Mile - 8 Dog Race NEW! 62 Mile, 2-Day, 6 Dog Mid-Distance Pot Race*
Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race is an event where communications are handled by the very professional amateur radio operators from Joseph, Oregon and all over the Northwest under the coordination of Julian KK7JX

The Eagle Cap Extreme runs through the rugged Wallowa Mountains in Northeastern Oregon. This year there were three distances to race, the 200 mile using 12 dogs, the 100 mile using 8 dogs, and the 62 mile pot race. It has been described as challenging, fun and beautiful by participants and fans alike. This all-volunteer race receives many high marks for professionalism and for being very well run.

Communications are the nerve system of the race, tying the many facets of the race together through a variety of communications options to ensure smooth race operations. Workers use ham radios, land line phones, cell phones, SAT phones, internet, and line of sight radios to communicate with the public and other workers insuring the safety and support of everybody including the dogs on the course.

Scott KB7DZR, being a long time participant on the *DODROPIN* Echolink conference server has generously provided us for the forth year in a row the ability to listen to all the race comms live as it happens! We've been able to monitor numerous situations that would have turned into a crisis had it not been for amateur radio and all the fine volunteers that pitched in. If you were not able to listen live, you're in luck. All the radio traffic has been recorded and is available on the *DAWGGONE* Echolink conference server. Just log on, type .list in the text box, select which recording you'd like to hear, type .play (space) and the number of the recording. The *DAWGGONE* server will play it back to you with all the silent time removed. If you need help, there's usually somebody around, just make a call.

Drop in to the *DODROPIN* Echolink conference server for the Saturday Night Echolink Net and get a chance to talk to Scott KB7DZR about this years race.
Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race